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SecuriGene is proud to be an industry leader in DNA testing services and applied molecular diagnostics with the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities. Physicians, lawyers and government organizations across North America have depended on our laboratory’s services for over 20 years.


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Our internationally accredited and certified DNA lab is one of the only facilities in the world to hold a full panel of laboratory accreditations; ensuring the highest standards in the industry for reliability and consumer protection.

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SecuriGene is a full service DNA testing lab specializing in Forensic DNA Extraction, DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Kinship Analysis, and DNA Banking.

Who is the father? Our DNA Paternity Test helps you determine the true biological father of a child. Test results are guaranteed to be over 99.9% accurate for paternity inclusions, and 100% accurate for exclusions.

Determine the true biological relationship between two potentially related individuals. Our laboratory offers DNA Sibling Testing, DNA Grandparentage Testing, Aunt/Uncle Testing and much more.

DNA banking preserves the opportunity for future research or clinical testing and may provide critical opportunities for surviving relatives. Discover how this important decision can help you and your family for generations to come.

Our laboratory specializes in DNA extraction from forensic/post-mortem samples, and works regularly with coroner’s offices, law enforcement and funeral homes across North America.

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Thanks to SecuriGene’s partnership with over 3,200 DNA collection facilities, you can order and ship to and from anywhere around the world.

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