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We are proudly one of the only facilities in the World to hold a complete panel of laboratory accreditations.

The Most Advanced DNA Preservation Method in the Industry

Without proper preservation techniques, DNA degrades over time – limiting the quality and accuracy of downstream applications and future genetic tests. SecuriGene uses a proprietary state-of-the-art technique to properly extract, purify and preserve High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA to last indefinitely at room temperature.

The Only Accredited DNA Banking Laboratory

Laboratory accreditation is a crucial consideration for consumers when choosing DNA preservation services. SecuriGene’s processing laboratory is one of North America’s oldest and largest genetic testing facilities. Our testing laboratory meets and exceeds industry standards, with accreditations and certifications by the American Association of Blood Banks, ISO 17025, the Standards Council of Canada, and the College of American Pathologists.
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We Extract 5000x More DNA than Swabs

When choosing DNA banking, one of the most important considerations is the amount of DNA collected and preserved. The more DNA you preserve, the higher the number of tests you can perform in the future. SecuriGene’s DNA collection kits are designed to collect up to 5000x more DNA than traditional methods such as buccal swabs.

SecuriGene Purifies DNA Before Banking

The purity of a sample is of utmost importance. A sample that has not been properly processed and purified may contain enzymes that eat away at DNA over time. SecuriGene extracts High Molecualar Weight (HMW) DNA from your sample prior to banking, ensuring optimal quality and viability of your DNA for future applications.

No Freezing Required

Our advanced DNA preservation methods eliminate the need for cryogenic freezing, allowing you to keep the sample in your possession after the DNA banking process.

Laboratory Results & Certification Provided

Each DNA sample we preserve comes with full reports certifying the quantity (reported in micrograms), purity (checked using spectrophotometry to determine the A260/A280 level) and future viability of the DNA.

Suitable for Repeat Multiple Testing

Your SecuriGene DNA capsule contains enough DNA for multiple tests. You can bring your DNA capsule to any genetics laboratory and they will be able to rehydrate your sample for testing. Any remaining portions can be sent back to SecuriGene for re-preservation at an additional cost. Please contact us to inquire about this option.