DNA Banking Capsule

securigene dna capsule memorial banking
  • Precision-crafted from a solid block of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Impact & UV resistant
  • Removable cap
  • Individually engraved
  • Shock-resistant Borosilicate glass chamber
  • Triple-sealed design to keep moisture out
  • Extracted, purified & preserved DNA
  • Built-in humidity regulator

SecuriGene DNA Capsule – Overview

Our goal was to provide families with the very best service and materials possible, from the cutting-edge methods we developed to preserve DNA, to the materials we use in the construction of the SecuriGene DNA Capsule. Each capsule is precision-carved from a solid block of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel using CNC machines. The glass chamber that houses the DNA is made from borosilicate glass – the same material used on the tiles of space shuttles, or on the Triton submarine that explores the deepest depths of the ocean. We introduced a triple-seal system on every capsule to protect the banked DNA from moisture and other harmful contaminants. The DNA within the capsule has been extracted and purified to remove any damaging enzymes that may break down the DNA over time, resulting in a pure sample that lasts indefinitely and can be used for testing at any time down the road.

Weight & Dimensions

Capsule Dimensions: 1.5” x 4.0”

Capsule Weight: 0.75lbs

Capsule Materials: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel outer capsule, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass chamber, high-density polyethylene inner vial.

Capsule Features: Triple sealed, shock and impact resistant, built-in desiccator, individually engraved, UV resistant, moisture-proof.

DNA Preservation Specifications

DNA Purification:

Genomic DNA is extracted from the specimen and purified to remove enzymes and other contaminants which may interfere with preservation or future usage. The purity of the purified DNA is checked using spectrophotometry to determine the A260/A280 level. Pure DNA has a reading of 1.7 to 1.9. The purity of the DNA is documented and reported in the final preservation report.

DNA Quantification:

The quantity of DNA extracted from the specific specimen is determined and documented in the final preservation report. A knowledge of the quantity of preserved DNA in the tubes is important if the DNA will be used for future genetic applications.

DNA Quality:

High Molecular Weight DNA is isolated from the sample to ensure the greatest number of potential future applications.

DNA Preservation:

Purified DNA is encapsulated within a matrix and stored using anhydrobiosis. This technology allows DNA to be stored indefinitely at room temperature.

DNA Storage:

The preserved DNA can be stored indefinitely within the protective capsule at room temperature.

Future Usage:

The preserved DNA is ready for usage at any time. Simply send the capsule to the DNA laboratory together with the Sample Recovery Protocol procedures.