DNA Banking Kit

Record any hereditary diseases in your family (Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and more) by preserving High Molecular Weight DNA for future analysis.  Learn More >>

After testing, you will receive:
  • Your Banked DNA (sealed inside the DNA Capsule)
  • Full Laboratory Reports
  • Certificate of Analysis

About DNA Banking

Introduction to DNA Banking services. Why is it important to store DNA? Who should bank their DNA? What can you do with your banked DNA? Learn more »

DNA Capsule Specifications

Each SecuriGene DNA Capsule is precision crafted from a solid block of surgical grade stainless steel. Discover the quality and technology behind each capsule. Learn more »

Why Choose SecuriGene?

Our cutting-edge methods allow you to preserve up to 5000x more DNA with optimal purity, yield and molecular weight for indefinite storage at room temperature. Learn more »

Post-Mortem DNA Banking

Preserve the DNA of your loved one after death using the latest in DNA banking technology. Sample collection is only possible before cremation or embalming. Learn more »