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SecuriGene is proud to be an industry leader in DNA testing services and applied molecular diagnostics with the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities. Physicians, lawyers and government organizations across North America have depended on our laboratory’s services for over 20 years.

Fully Accredited DNA Lab

Our internationally accredited and certified DNA lab is one of the only facilities in the world to hold a full panel of laboratory accreditations; ensuring the highest standards in the industry for reliability and consumer protection.

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SecuriGene is a full service DNA testing lab specializing in DNA Banking, DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Kinship Testing and DNA Profiling.

DNA Banking – home storage

DNA banking preserves the opportunity for future research or clinical testing and may provide critical opportunities for surviving relatives. Discover how this important decision can help you and your family for generations to come.

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DNA Paternity Testing

DNA testing for paternity helps determine the true biological father of a child. Test results are guaranteed to be over 99.9% accurate for paternity inclusions, and 100% accurate for exclusions.

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DNA Kinship Testing

DNA testing for kinship helps determine the relationship between two potentially related individuals. We offer a variety of options ranging from DNA sibling testing to DNA grandparentage testing and everything in between.

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Autosomal DNA Profiling

Our DNA profiling service tests 16 different Autosomal STR markers to create your own unique DNA ‘Fingerprint’ for identification and relationship testing purposes.

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Celiac Disease – When the Gluten-Free Diet is not just a Fad

Genetic changes explain why some of us are more sensitive to gluten than others and how it leads to celiac diseaseFrom Weight Watchers to Atkins to Juice Cleanses, we live in a society that continuously swings through diet fads. When you walk into any supermarket, it is hard to miss the latest food trend embraced […]

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In the News – Pharmacies to Aid and Benefit in Pharmacogenomics Research

The use of pharmacogenomics may be of reach to everyday consumers in the near future. In one of the first projects of its kind in North America, 33 community pharmacies in British Columbia, Canada, will be working with 200 volunteer patients to provide them with personalized medication. The program named “Genomics for Precision Drug Therapy […]

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Twin Cancer DNA Test

In the News – Study of Twins Provides Insight to the Genetic Risk of Cancer

A massive study looking into the influences that genetics may have in cancer has recently been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers monitored over 200,000 twins in order to generate estimates of the risk of heritability in 23 different types of cancers.Nordic Twins from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden were […]

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Learning Center – DNA Paternity Testing

About DNA Paternity Testing Resemblances between a parent and child can sometimes be hard to see. When families wish to discover the true biological relationship between an alleged father and child, the most reliable method is through genetic testing. Undergoing a paternity test provides definitive genetic proof of whether a male is the true biological […]

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In the News – Researchers Discover a Gene Linked to Thyroid Cancer

A gene that is normally found to be in a rare type of anemia has recently been discovered to be a contributing factor to thyroid cancer. Researches in Cleveland Clinic led by Dr. Charis Eng have discovered the gene when studying tumors that are found to arise in Cowden Syndrome patients. The inherited condition is […]

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DNA banking memorial capsule

Behind the Scenes – SecuriGene DNA Banking Capsule

When tasked with creating the SecuriGene DNA Banking Capsule, our design team had to meet several criteria: quality, functionality & aesthetics. QualityOnly the best materials available were used in the manufacturing of the DNA capsule. Solid blocks of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel were shipped to our processing facility and carefully machined using the latest in […]

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